Happy news | Shandong Useen Calcium Co.,Ltd. Won many honors at the national calcium carbonate industry annual meeting
On May 28, at the 2024 National Calcium Carbonate Industry Annual meeting, Shandong Useen Calcium Co.,Ltd. With the advantages of advanced technology, excellent product quality and innovation ability, the company stands out among many enterprises and is rated as "Advanced Enterprise in China's calcium carbonate Industry in 2024", "Top 10 Enterprises in China's nano-calcium carbonate Industry" (ranking No. 3) and "Top 10 Enterprises in China's Light calcium carbonate" (ranking No. 2). The award of many honors is not only to Shandong Useen Calcium Co.,Ltd. The affirmation of continuous efforts in the field of calcium carbonate also highlights the company's leading position and brand influence in the industry.






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